The Mane Woman

Stacey Matthews owns and operates the Mane 1 Salon in Norman, Oklahoma. In this video, Stacey describes how her life and career have been shaped by one kind person she encountered as a child, and how she endeavors to pay the kindness forward.

(multimedia media project for one of my classes)


7 thoughts on “The Mane Woman

        • Hi Ralph
          I’m waiting now for Trinidad at school then have to go pick up Eva from school – seems these days I have too many places to go! The email will explain…

          School is out… gotta go B-)


          I love the photos by the way!

            • Lol, Ralph! Thank you for taking the time to wade through that email B-) I’m beginning to get the hang of this new schedule, so I might actually be able to not-overdo-it . I’m grateful to be doing work I love, with the people I love – life might be crazy-busy but life is good!
              Give the kitties big Hugs from all of us here, and be sure to take good care of yourself, dear Friend.
              Much love,

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