“…allowing life to simply unfold as it will, knowing that life flows in its own innate perfection, is really the key to living in a state of peace, balance and harmony with life.”


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It seems to me that pretty much at the core of Western spirituality and personal development is a desire to change ourselves — to be better, to feel better, to improve who we think we are and to also improve the world and other people. Now there’s nothing wrong with that at all, but is it perhaps possible that our need to affect change is in fact a subtle act of war; a declaration of war against ourselves and reality? And could it ultimately be self-defeating?

I’ve found in my own experience that our need to change ourselves and change the world creates a tension and resistance within us. Certainly, if we’re experiencing pain, then it’s only natural and healthy to take immediate steps to deal with that pain. If we’re are standing with our hand on a burning hot stove, then for goodness…

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