“He said that after all the biological and mathematical odds against any one of us being born, it was simply a matter of respect for life to do our best with it….to hope and to believe in the impossible and to achieve it with all we are, against all odds and predictions. Against all logic. We spoke of having faith in the impossible being possible.”

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

nick and faith 260

I have just witnessed a miracle. And no, that is not a melodramatic statement. Simply true. I just watched my son walk again. Unsupported. For the first time in three and a half years. Five steps.

Yes it has already made the papers. Of course he had been on the phone jubilant the first time, the other day. That alone had me in tears. But today I saw, with my own eyes, through  tears I couldn’t have stopped if I’d tried, as my son took five steps away from me.

This, we have always been told, is impossible. And when the impossible occurs I think we can safely call it a miracle. Especially when it brings with it such emotion. Such beauty. Such joy.

I don’t suppose it was wise driving home with tears streaming. They are probably not doing the keyboard much good either. The dog is already quite…

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