A Mixed Bag

I saw these on Buzz Feed – here

26 moments that restored our faith in humanity this year

1. The parents who made their son’s wheelchair into the best Halloween costume ever

2. The terminally ill man who loves receiving mail… and got more than he ever expected
Scott Widak has Down syndrome and suffers from liver disease, and he loves receiving mail. His nephew Sean posted his P.O. Box on Reddit and the site’s users responded with hundreds of letters, packages, and gifts.

Via: mashable.com


3. A kind stranger who stopped a day from being ruined


Via: i.imgur.com

4. The doctor who offered free medical care after Hurricane Sandy

Via: shortformblog.com

5. And the people that helped out any way that they could

Via: facebook.com

Via: reddit.comVia: @andjustice4someHospital employees make a human chain passing containers of fuel up 13 flights of stairs to the backup generator at Bellevue Hospital in…

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