Happy New Year!

Ute smile

I read a lot of positive blogs, facebook sites and articles.

Then I came across great ideas which I wanted to share with you.

1st January is a good day to start…..

Idea 1.


Idea 2.

Write a Gratitude Journal

This picture is the one I will use, all ready for January 2013.

I will write down every day , at the end of the day, what good things the day gave me and what I was grateful for on this day.

A wonderful way to celebrate each day, think of the gifts and positive things of each day and I can show my gratitude and be thankful .

gratitude journal

And remember:

“When you expect nothing,

you can receive everything

as a marvelous gift.”

Jonathan Lockwood Huie


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“The important thing is to discover your TruePath.”


    I want you to tell about a woman and her husband who have found their TruePath. Kathy and Terry Baudendistel are not your average early retirees.  They own 23 acres which they have converted into a wolf habitat. They have constructed enclosures with places for wolves to hide, sleep, jump, crawl, establish their hierarchy and overall just be wolves. Susie and I spent several hours with them, listening as they enthusiastically explained how they had started with 5 little cubs and nurtured them to their current stable of 30 full-grown, growling, rambunctious, howling adult wolves.

     While walking around their property interviewing them about their life’s work they casually mentioned we would be entering into the enclosures with the wolves to interact with them. Now these wolves aren’t wild and running across the frozen tundra of the northern Rockies, but nor are they exactly domesticated. They are more than just big dogs. The…

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“…dream big…give yourself the chance to become something much greater than what you are right now…because the journey is the transformational process, not the destination. But you have to take that first step.”
“The Mind: It is the most powerful thing you have.”
One man’s tribute to what he has learned over the course of the past year is one of the most inspirational – motivational – pieces I have ever come across 🙂

The Better Man Project ™


What a year. I mean, wow. To be real…this has been the best year of my life. And I look back on all of my posts and just am slightly in awe of what has occurred. This post, is going to be a slight tribute to everything I have learned over the past year and what it means to me now. In fact, to do it properly there might have to be multiple posts because I’m sure I’m not going to nail everything on the first shot. So here we go 🙂

  1. Dream Big: 6 months ago, I decided to take a huge chance and go all in on creating my first book coming out of college. Well, we are about 11 days away from this becoming a reality, and forever I will be able to walk with the experience of barreling through fear and doing something I am…

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