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Tao Te Ching 38: Already good




The highest good is not to seek to do good,

but to allow yourself to become it.

The Sage doesn’t try to be powerful;

thus he is truly powerful.

The ordinary man keeps reaching for power;

thus he never has enough.


The Sage does nothing,

yet he leaves nothing undone.

The ordinary man is always doing things,

yet accomplishes little.


The kind person acts from the heart

and accomplishes a multitude of things.

The righteous person acts out of piety,

yet leaves many things undone.

The moral person will act out of duty,

and when no one responds

will roll up his sleeves and use force.


The highest virtue is to act without a sense of self.

The highest kindness is to give without condition.

The highest justice is to see without preference.


When the Tao is forgotten, there is righteousness.

When righteousness is forgotten…

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The Mane Woman

Stacey Matthews owns and operates the Mane 1 Salon in Norman, Oklahoma. In this video, Stacey describes how her life and career have been shaped by one kind person she encountered as a child, and how she endeavors to pay the kindness forward.

(multimedia media project for one of my classes)

Will Work For Hugs

Simply beautiful!

GYA today

On Wednesdays—every Wednesday—for 25 YEARS—82 year young barber Anthony Cymerys, aka: Joe The Barber, sets up a lawn chair under a shade tree in a city park in Hartford, Connecticut. He prepares his scissors, towels, and lotion, wires his clippers to a car battery that he brings along, and then waits for his customers to show up. It doesn’t take long. A queue of homeless individuals needing a haircut forms quickly, and Joe starts attending to each and every customer. His fee: a hug!

What an example “Joe The Barber” is for aspiring GYA’ers. Watch this two-minute video, you might need to grab a tissue first, though.

Thank you, “Joe.” Namasté.

Work_For_Hugs_Video(The above link takes you to a CBS site and their obligatory 30-second commercial that airs before the video. I recommend that you endure the commercial—it’s worth it.)

credits (other than…

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It’s Your Wonderful Life

Wonderful! 😀

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Do you remember in the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” how George Bailey wished for, and then was granted, the opportunity to see what life would be like in his town if he had never been born? He got to see how the lives of people he had known turned out without any interaction with, or knowledge of, him. Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you were one of those people–but in your present life? Who are the people who have made a big difference in your life? What would your life be like today had you never meet them?

And how about on the flip-side, what impact have you had on the lives of others? Hard to tell, isn’t it? I think a lot of people tend to underestimate the impact they have on others–especially the positive impact.

Thanks to…

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